In Store Pork Products

All of our fresh products are made with 95% lean pork. That is why we say “no fatty in the patty!” Come visit our retail store which offers all of your long-time favorites as well as new recipes and products to take home or give as gifts to family and friends.

Other Pork Products Price Per Pound
Sweet Italian $5.99
Bulk Sausage $5.99
Cased Sausage $5.99
Hot Italian $5.99
Bratwurst $5.99
Pork Roast $5.99
Pork Loin $6.29
Pork Chops $6.59
Baby Back Ribs $7.19
Korned Beef $7.59
Honey Loaf $8.59
Jalapeno Cheese Loaf $8.59
Dill Pickles per bag  $2.99
Hot Dill Pickles     per bag  $2.99
Sauerkraut $2.59